How to use this site?

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This site contains textual, audio, video and interactive exercise materials for beginning learners of Tamil who place themselves in one of the following different levels based on their prior exposure to the Tamil language. Please select the level below that fits your proficiency level and follow the instructions therein. Grammar and culture lessons are embedded in every lesson, so there is no need to use the links on the leftside right away. You can read any of the topics that is of interest to you from the grammar and culture lessons. But, you can go straight to the video lessons, and start using the lessons from any one of the units, if you wish.

Does your computer allow you to read Tamil and play videos? Use the link "Technical Help" to make your computer compatible to the fonts and videos we use in this site.

1) Novice beginner: (who doesn't know any prior knowledge about Tamil)

Use the links "About Tamil", "Tamil Alphabet", "Tamil words", read the first few lessons of Tamil Grammar and Culutre before proceeding to Video Lessons that are accessible from this link: Video Lessons

2) Intermediate Beginner (Who has some exposure to the language, but doesn't know how to read,write and speak)

Do Tamil Alphabet, Tamil Words and first few lessons from Grammar and Culture. Then, move to Video lessons

3) Advanced Beginner and Novice Intermediate learner (Who has the knowledge of script, reading and writing, but doesn't know how to speak fluently)

Proceed to Video Lessons and try to finish all the lessons and exercises from each unit.

4) Intermediate Learner: (Who has some knowledge of grammar but doesn't know some of the second year level of grammar and vocabulary.

Proceed to Video lessons and select one of the units anywhere between 4 and 6.

5) Want to just browse the videos?

Start from this link and navigate through the units and lessons whose links you see in the navigation bar on the top. (The link "Select Unit" will let you choose any one of the six units and the numbers that follow the word "Lessons:" will let you navigate to each lesson within any given unit.)