Tamil Language in Context: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Tamil
Author: Vasu Renganathan, University of Pennsylvania
ISBN: 978-0-615-53347-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2011944928

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book "Tamil Language in Context: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Tamil", a companion resource for making use of the contents of the website: http://www.thetamillanguage.com in its fullest extent possible. This book accompanies a Dvd with all of the multimedia contents from this website, arranged in a pedagogically organized format. The text is carefully designed to progress the readers sequentially through graded glossaries, readings, grammar, dialogues, and cultural information. A detailed grammar of Tamil in an ordered fashion from simple to complex forms, a concise discussion on Tamils' customs and habits, illustrations on the diglossic nature of Tamil, discussion on foreign language influences in Tamil, agglutinative property of Tamil words etc., are some of the sections that are covered in this book in a comprehensive manner. A distinction between formal and informal variety of Taml is maintained througout the book so as to learn both the written and spoken forms of Tamil in a systematic manner. The videos that are included in the Dvd comprise of a set of dialogues filmed in appropriate speech contexts in Tamil nadu. Importantly, this book is not only meant for Tamil language learners of both heritage and non-native speakers, it can also be used by native speakers of Tamil and Tamil researchers as a resource for learning about Tamil language and culture.

In essense, this book is about Tamil, Tamils and Tamils' various ways of using Tamil.

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Amazon review

This review is from: Tamil Language in Context: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Tamil (Book and Dvd) (Hardcover)

This book offers a thorough introduction to Tamil for beginning and intermediate students as well as a cogently organized and extensive grammatical review for experienced learners and native speakers. The text culminates from the author's many years of Tamil instruction to undergraduate and graduate students in the US and certainly stands out among the limited number of Tamil textbooks available. The included multimedia CD enhances the lesson plans.

As a Tamil student I've worked with a number of textbooks and language manuals. While some are admittedly much better than others, I have found Vasu's text the most comprehensive and comprehensible. The book utilizes both the Tamil and Roman scripts to guide learners, and ultimately leads students to learn through the Tamil script. Some Tamil books strictly use the romanized script, which I find to be a disservice to serious learners who want to progress beyond the pronunciation of simple phrases. The text's well organized chapters lead students through grammatical points while refining written and spoken skills. Both beginning and advanced students alike will benefit substantially from this text.

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